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The dream of 1917 …

The revolution of November 7, 1917, in Petrograd was more than just a revolution. It was a world shaking event bring in its wake numerous insurrections in the wreck of the old Europe and even as far away as Patagonia … Continue reading

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Britain and Russia in 1919 – how not to intervene

Having read Bruce Lockhart’s autobiography I’m now about halfway through Clifford Kinvig’s military history of the British intervention in post 1917 Russia. It’s a sorry tale of how what started as an effort to stiffen the Kerensky government’s resolve to … Continue reading

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Bruce Lockhart and his life in Moscow

I’ve just finished reading Bruce Lockhart’s autobiography. It’s a moderately entertaining read, but it is remarkable for what it doesn’t say. As a witness to great events as the unofficial British representative in Moscow during 1918 he was uniquely placed … Continue reading

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