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Turgenev and the Red Queen

In 1876, Turgenev wrote a poem Croquet in Windsor about the Bulgarian atrocities in which he imagines Queen Victoria watching a croquet game at Windsor in which the balls were the heads of massacred bulgarian christians. A very powerful image, … Continue reading

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Open source genealogy–lessons learned

Well, my little fun exercise chasing John Moncur through Napoleonic era naval lists and so on has shown me that it’s perfectly possible to use open source materials, with two important caveats – firstly, the person investigated has to be … Continue reading

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Open source genealogy

Out of curiosity I thought I’d see what I could find out about John Moncur, who was a Royal Navy Master and Commander at the end of the eighteenth century, and who just possibly might be an ancestor of mine, … Continue reading

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Slavery’s legacy ?

I have a slightly unusual surname, and while I’m not an expert on my family’s history by any means, everything seems to point back to somewhere in the north east of Scotland as a point of origin, and in the … Continue reading

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New year 2017

Well we sat out on the deck, ate prawns and drank champagne while we watched the sun set. Later on we watched a reprise of the Queen 1975 Christmas Eve concert and a doco on the Stones, while the cat … Continue reading

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