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Using Welsh Papers online ..

Inspired by my various experiments with Trove and QueryPic and following on from Jim Mussell and Bob Nicholson’s posts about the new Welsh newspapers online site, I thought I’d give it a go with my favourite topics of the moment, … Continue reading

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How the news came from Galle

Happenstance is a wonderful thing. I was helping J out yesterday by googling for some nineteenth century sources about early steamship travel to Australia when I came across this study (DOI 10.2104.ha070006) which confirms what I had suspected from my earlier … Continue reading

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Building the first internet

The telegraph network was the first internet, enabling a step change in the speed of communication and the spread of news. The telegraph was seen by the British as something to hold the empire together, especially as after the 1857 … Continue reading

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Querypic, commerce raiders, and the American civil war at sea

Playing with querypic can be addictive, as I did when trying to work out how quickly the news of Abraham Lincoln’s assasination spread to Australia, or more accurately the happenstance element of the other things that you find along the … Continue reading

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