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And where was Sebastapol?

One of the things which I found when researching the Catherine Morton story was that a lot of places had changed their names, and some places which existed didn’t exist anymore. About what you’d expect. Sometimes it’s obvious where they … Continue reading

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Catherine Morton and the scandalous affair at Beechworth

In a previous post, I recounted the story of the attempted rape of Catherine Morton. It’s an interesting story and I felt that I should document my sources I found the story online at in the Tasmanian Daily News of … Continue reading

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Mr Rochlitz continued ….

Back at the end of 2016 I blogged about Mr Rochlitz, who was involved in the laying out of the Botanic gardens in Beechworth in 1861. At the time I assumed that he had become involved through his scientific background … Continue reading

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Bottles, pills and potions

Currently on the project I’m documenting a whole pile of medicines form the 1950’s and 60’s – mostly but not exclusively medications in tubes and creams, something that simply doesn’t exist in the pre-war items. Now it’s all a bit … Continue reading

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Open source genealogy–lessons learned

Well, my little fun exercise chasing John Moncur through Napoleonic era naval lists and so on has shown me that it’s perfectly possible to use open source materials, with two important caveats – firstly, the person investigated has to be … Continue reading

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Open source genealogy

Out of curiosity I thought I’d see what I could find out about John Moncur, who was a Royal Navy Master and Commander at the end of the eighteenth century, and who just possibly might be an ancestor of mine, … Continue reading

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Slavery’s legacy ?

I have a slightly unusual surname, and while I’m not an expert on my family’s history by any means, everything seems to point back to somewhere in the north east of Scotland as a point of origin, and in the … Continue reading

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