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Citizen science and access to libraries

Recently I’ve become interested in the development of natural history in nineteenth century Australia. After all not only was the Victorian era the heyday of natural history, but in Australia it had an importance in people trying to understand how … Continue reading

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A very tangential connection to the Russian Revolution …

Visiting family always seems to involve a boozy dinner with alittle too much red wine, or at least ours do. And as always with coneversations involving a decent red, sometimes they take some slightly odd turns. And so it was … Continue reading

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Opera girls …

We’ve started watching the ITV adaptation of Vanity Fair on BBC First. The lead protagonist, Becky Sharp, is described as the daughter of an ‘opera girl’, a term clearly designed to be redolent of illicit sex and debauchery. It’s the … Continue reading

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Almost an unfortunate misunderstanding …

Recently we’ve been going out for the day scoping out places that might repay a visit, places such as local museums, abandoned town sites and the like. We might pretend that this is related to our interest in local history … Continue reading

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It was only a throwaway comment, but one thing that tickled my fancy about the presentation on the MAMA archaeological dig was the comment that paperclips were not used before the 1890’s. Actually they were. While the machinery was for … Continue reading

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MAMA – what lies beneath

Despite it being a pretty horrible sleety hail spattered day I had to go into Albury, so I decided to take in the presentation on the results of the archaeological dig that preceded the building of MAMA, the Albury art … Continue reading

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Patent medicines and nineteenth century globalisation

I spent a good part of yesterday documenting some nineteenth century patent medicine and cosmetic bottles. Many of the brands are totally unknown today, such as Beetham’s glycerine and cucumber, yet were well known in their time. A fairly simple … Continue reading

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