Epsilon Informs AbeBooks of E-mail Database Breach

something unwelcome from Abe Book in my inbox this morning:

We have been informed by Epsilon, a third-party vendor we use to send e-mails, that an unauthorized person outside their company accessed files that included e-mail addresses of some AbeBooks customers. Epsilon has advised us that the files that were accessed did not include any customer information other than email addresses.

As a reminder, AbeBooks will never ask customers for personal or account information in an e-mail. Please exercise caution if you get any emails that ask for personal information or direct you to a site where you are asked to provide personal information.

be careful, be safe!


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Former IT professional, previously a digital archiving and repository person, ex research psychologist, blogger, twitterer, and amateur classical medieval and nineteenth century historian ...
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3 Responses to Epsilon Informs AbeBooks of E-mail Database Breach

  1. D says:

    Thank you for the heads up. Going forward I will seek another vendor for my book purchases

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  3. Ben says:

    Since getting this email i have had a huge increase in spam. Really annoying.

    I guess the cats out of the bag as it were.

    Very annoying.

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