Buying books

A long time ago, I did a simple analysis of the cost of buying books in Canberra versus buying them online – either as secondhand or new.

Since then I’ve moved over almost exclusively to the Kindle for my recreational reading, but I still buy some more ‘serious’ books in traditional format, in the main because they are either not available electronically, or are cheaper bought through someone like Abebooks, or as new books from BookDepository.

As my regular reader is aware one of my interests is the Russian Revolution and the Allied intervention, and I recently bought a second hand copy of Anzacs in Arkhangel. I bought it second hand because I’m a cheapskate at heart.

I bought it from a second hand retailer in the UK via Abebooks – when I ordered I naively assumed that it was a UK edition, but what do you know, when it arrived it was the Australian edition.

Now we know things like clothes and electronics are cheaper overseas, but how come it is significantly cheaper for a second hand bookshop in the UK to sell and post a 500g book to me ?


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Former IT professional, previously a digital archiving and repository person, ex research psychologist, blogger, twitterer, and amateur classical medieval and nineteenth century historian ...
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