My very short career as a re-enactor

A week or so before Christmas I posted the following tweet:

Annotation 2020-01-10 144707

of me looking vaguely Dickensian.

At the time it probably looked like a bit of festive fun – which it was.

Recently they have restored the Victorian Fountains in Town Hall Gardens, and one of our friends who is a stringer for the local paper, the Ovens and Murray Advertiser, had the idea of recreating this photograph of the fountain from the 1880’s to coincide with the official event commemorating its restoration:

beechworth fountain original

Well it didn’t happen. The day was over 40C and the photoshoot was postponed, but the day before New Year’s Eve, we all dressed up to have our picture taken as Victorian gentelmen.

another reenactment picture b w

My inspiration was the famous photograph of I.K. Brunel standing in baggy pants and muddy boots at the launch of the Great Eastern:


but for some reason this time  I looked more like the Cat in the Hat than a nineteenth century speculator, but hey the show must go on.

fountain article

As it was, the article only came out in this week’s edition, but I think it works, even though we look rather more like local worthies than the council grounds staff who featured in the original picture.

Just for fun, I used pixlr to antique the photograph, and I think we look pretty good

fountain restoration sepia

even though the image doesn’t have quite the softness of some early glass plate photographs …

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