Foxes in Suburbia …

Urban foxes are well known in the UK. On visits to London I’ve seen foxes out in the daylight in London playing along the railway line that runs out to Hampton Court.

But Canberra?

We know there are foxes about – you see enough dead ones on the Parkway to know there are foxes living in the pockets of bush around Lake BG and we have seen one in the nature reserve on top of the hill above our house.

But until last night I never really thought there were urban foxes in Canberra. Now I’m not so sure.

Yesterday was J’s birthday and we’d been out for dinner to celebrate. Coming back about 10.30, just after I’d turned into our street I had to brake suddenly for an animal running across the road. At first I though ‘cat!’ and was worried it might be our cat as he’s ginger coloured. So I took a second longer look at the animal and no, it was a pale coloured fox running along the nature strip.

First time I’ve seen a fox actually around where humans live. The question is, was this a one time interloper or are they starting to move down into suburbia?

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