Urban foxes in Canberra

Urban foxes seem to be a British rather than an Australian phenomenon.

Twice, once in December 2009, and again mid last year, we’ve caught fleeting glimpses of foxes in the nature reserve on the hill behind our house.

This morning, any doubts about urban foxes vanished. I went for a walk up to the top of the reserve this morning, and on the way up saw a large fox nonchalantly stroll out of the scrub through a a wide open area of bush, cross the road some twenty metres in front of me and disappear off into the eucalyptus woodland, doubtless looking for one of the rabbits that infest the reserve, though I’m sure that they’d probably try a joey if they got the chance.

The fox was clearly visible for about two minutes and most definitely was a fox, not a feral dog or dingo …

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