Living in a Box

I’ll be 57 next month. That’s three years short of the earliest date I can sensibly retire. (Australia’s tax laws are such that while you can retire at 55, you don’t get any tax concessions until you are 60. The Aged Pension (Think State Pension in Europe, Social Security in the US, won’t kick in until I’m 67.)

At the same time we’re starting to think we’re done with Canberra and thinking about going to live in the bush somewhere.

One idea we had was to buy a block of land, put our stuff in store while we built a house. That of course begs the question of where to live in the meantime. One idea was to live in a shipping container, thinking that it could double as a guest cabin/art studio afterwards.

I’ve a little Pinterest board showing examples and they look kind of achievable, but I have  a suspicion that getting local government planning approval would turn out to be a lot more hassle than converting the container.

The way round, of course, is to find a design that’s been preapproved. Unfortunately most of the designs I could find after a web search tend to be for mining camp accommodation and not really what we want at all.

Pity, I kind of liked the idea of living in a bright orange box in the woods …

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