A neo Romanesque puzzle in Brisbane

As we rattled north out of Brisbane on the Sunlander, the train stopped at Exhibition station, and from the train window I glimpsed what looked to be a rather stunning neo Romanesque church in the distance.

And then, in the way of trains, we rattled off before I could take a picture as an aide memoire.

Now I’ve always had a soft spot for neo Romanesque churches such as the rather fine example in Dalton Terrace in York – English Martyrs – so naturally I decided a little internet sleuthing was in order. Of course, as I don’t live within a 1000km of the building, I couldn’t actually go and look.

So I did the following – did an image search for Brisbane churches on Google, reckoning that if it was as nice a looking building as it seemed people would have taken pictures of it, and I could check the locations (and likely sight lines) on Google maps

The first church in the area that pops up is the Anglican Holy Trinity church, which is a rather nice faux medieval fantasy in red brick and white detailing, but very much the wrong style, and probably too far away to see. The second was St Andrews Uniting Church, claimed to be one of the best neo-Romanesque churches in the southern hemisphere, but in the wrong place entirely and a little too dour, lacking the white detailing.

At this point, I was on the point of giving up, and then I noticed on Google maps a building marked ‘Old museum building‘, clicked on streetview, and there it was – eclectic rather than strictly neo-Romanesque – but still rather a fine building and now used as a performance space.

Now all I need is an excuse to go back and take a proper look …

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