And the winner is …

Following on from my trying to work out when we started calling photographs photographs, I though I’d use the Google Ngram viewer one more type to look at the relative usage of the following terms for photographs over the period 1840 to 1880:

The terms I checked were:

  • daguerreotype
  • calotype
  • ambrotype
  • tintype
  • collodion (the name of the wet plate process)
  • photograph

The results were a little surprising

Annotation 2020-09-05 161319

while daguerreotype was indeed the most common term before 1855, the term collodion, as in collodion process was a pretty common term.

I then checked to see if the term collodion process was the term actually in use

Annotation 2020-09-05 163344

which it clearly wasn’t.

What this means I’m not sure, I’ll have to go and look at usages of collodion in context …

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