The Mohyu lockup

Yesterday was J’s birthday, and still in celebratory mode we decided that as today was a nice bright cold day, we’d drive over to Mansfield, stopping off at Harry Power’s lookout for a bit of a walk.

Well, when we got to Harry Power’s lookout it as 2C and threatening snow so we carried on down to Mansfield for a pie and a coffee, and were rewarded by a troop of feral roe deer crossing the road in front of us in the woods just out of Tolmie.

Mansfield has its own links to the bushranger days of the nineteenth century in the form of an 1880 monument to the police troopers killed by Ned Kelly and his gang at Stringybark creek.

The monument is now in the middle of a busy roundabout and impossible to photograph on a winter Sunday due to the ski traffic going to and from Mount Buller.

However we did find, entirely by accident another monument to the bushranger days.

We stopped to go to the loo in Mohyu, and there, beside a deconsecrated church that is now the local Lions club was the old Mohyu lockup:

IMG_0102  IMG_0103

I’m guessing, purely because of its location next to a children’s play area it’s been moved from somewhere else, as has the deconsecrated church …

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